Short by Ryan Wetter October 27, 2009 4 Comments
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Gym Ninja

I’m not a martial artist, but I feel confident in my ability to spot a faker.  There I was at the gym doing a little stretch when this anus started to pay tribute to Ralph Macchio.  With two different shoes and the body-type of a 12 year old girl, this guy wasn’t fooling anyone.  He is the gym ninja… master of his own imagination.


Rob Jarahian

Oct 27 at 03:34 PM


Sarah "English Muffin"

Oct 27 at 05:04 PM

Awwwwwee, He’s practicing his forms. Too bad his shoes give away the crazy. He’s probably going for his first belt. Those criminals better watch out for those mean front kicks he was throwin’....  Yah okay, I can’t say any of that without laughing my ass off….


Nov 13 at 10:43 AM

maybe it could be called the ninja shuffle.

and he got all self-conscious when that lady walks in. how cute is that…


Jan 15 at 12:07 AM



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Sometimes briefs are better

Damp Nasty

Ryan Wetter | Post Comment

My sister’s hair is wet at breakfast. “Don’t go outside like that,” says my grandfather, “It’s damp nasty out.” What a perfect name for a female rapper. I imagine her as the Ol’ Dirty Bastard of Skeezers.


Ryan Wetter | Post Comment

I’m in line at Marshalls when the woman next to me leaves her elderly mother with the cashier. “Don’t worry,” says the cashier, “I’ll babysit!” I imagined myself in her chair. Every wrinkle earned with age. And now she has to put up with this shit.

I’m Creepy?

Ryan Wetter | Post Comment

I’m sitting shotgun as we drive through South Philadelphia. Half my body is hanging out the window because I’m looking at the buildings. A group of young black women wearing backpacks walk by. We meet eyes so I wave. “Who you waving at? Get your body back in the car Predaphile.” First time hearing that word; I should’ve paid attention in class.